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Issrar Nabi: A true story of social values

At PSR Solutions/Build a Career we are always talking to our clients about social value. Two years ago, we recruited Issrar Nabi who was serving a five year sentence at Ford Prison.

This is what his Director Julian King had to say about him:

"Nabi came across as an educated confident individual with a lot to offer any employer. After working with Issrar Nabi. BA (Hons) probation officer I was able to offer him a position at PSR Southampton and he has worked here in our office ever since. Tomorrow (27th May) Nabi will be released from prison but not from PSR as we are delighted that he has accepted a full time position as recruitment consultant and will continue to be an integral part of the team at PSR.

Nabi has been pleased to be part of the team and has found it fundamental in his route back into society. I have had the pleasure of working with Nabi gaining a valuable member of my team and his life experience has helped lead and guide all of us here in Southampton.

This experience has really opened my eyes further to the process of Release on Temporary Licence and I would urge all my clients to get involved with programmes like this and find yourself a Nabi. Issrar Nabi. BA (Hons) will be working with other prison leavers passing on his experience and advice"

To celebrate such a fantastic moment the office ordered in a huge lunch!


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