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Miller Homes/ Bellway Employment & Skills Plan for Boorley Gardens

We are currently managing Miller Homes & Bellways employment and skills plan (ESP) for Boorley Gardens, set by Hampshire Council. The ESP includes apprenticeship recruitment, jobs created, work experience, traineeships, site visits for students, career assemblies etc. BAC are responsible for the delivery of these set KPI’s until 2025.

Previous activities:

  • Recruited 2 apprentices in September 2022 (x1 bricklaying, Alicia & x1 carpenter, Adam) – Case studies to follow

  • 2 additional apprentices recruited via sub-contractors.

  • Presented to Construction Design Management students at Eastleigh College

  • Attended careers events across local schools.

  • 14 jobs created on the project via PSR Solutions and Build a Career

Upcoming Activities:

  • 3 site visits booked during National Apprenticeship Week

    • 6th Feb – Plumbing Students

    • 7th Feb – Carpentry Students

    • 8th Feb – Electrical Students

  • Careers event with Eastleigh college on the 24th of February

  • Traineeships including work experience due to start March 2023

  • Miller to complete apprenticeship profile on Alicia Clark for apprenticeship week

  • Apprenticeship recruitment drive from April 2023


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