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Minister Visit for Displaced Talent

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

PSR Group had the great pleasure and honour of welcoming Kevin Foster MP (Minister for Future Borders and Immigration) and Theo Clarke MP (Stafford) to our Stafford HQ on Tuesday, 7th June 2022.

PSR Group holds Investors in People Platinum status and Minister Foster and Theo Clarke MP were keen to see first-hand the impact of the fast-track skilled migration visa that PSR Group applied for when recruiting Nariman.

She is the first candidate to successfully re-locate to the UK under the new visa scheme has been working with Build A Career for the past six months. Not only has this program helped Nariman continue her career in a safe environment, but it's enabled her husband and children to relocate too and start over again away from the dire situations back home.

Nariman is very talented and has been a huge addition to the PSR family, joining the Build A Career team! The Displaced Talent programme allows companies to access a new pool of talent, reduce the skills gap as well as supporting CSR targets.

During his visit Minister Foster reiterated his passion and desire to continue championing skilled migration pathways to fill the ever-growing skills gaps in the UK through engaging with organisations such as BAC, and our stakeholder partners.

If you would like to explore the possibility of recruiting skilled displaced talent to fill skills gaps within your organisation, please do get in touch at

Click here to hear about Nariman's experience!


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