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Refugee Talent

Almost 80m people are displaced globally, many of whom possess skills required by Western companies.  At Build A Career, we offer employers exclusive access to an untapped pool of talent. People with a different mindset, with higher motivation, higher capacity for adaptation and who are truly resilient.

We connect these forcibly displaced and talented people with employers who are in need of their skills, to help widen talent pools and at the same time change lives.

Fast Track Visa

By engaging governments and enabling partners, we’re creating safe, legal pathways that enable refugees to move for work, resume their careers, and rebuild their lives with dignity.  How? Through a fast-track pilot visa exclusive to Displaced Talent candidates.

This pilot visa will provide candidates with priority processing i.e. a five-day turnaround (depending on cases) which represents a cost saving of approximately £500.  Furthermore, candidates will receive case management support to overcome administrative barriers such as accessing passports, tax records, employment references and more.

In addition, candidates will have access to safeguards in the event that they lose their job to ensure they are not returned back to the countries where they had been facing danger.  Finally, candidates will be entitled to a 5 year Skilled Worker Visa, and then Indefinite Leave to Remain (providing criteria are met).



Data as of January 2023

*Data as of August 2022 



  • Skills Shortage: due to Brexit, the UK is suffering from a huge skills shortage and finding the right skills locally is becoming even more difficult.  Hiring displaced talent can be a part of this equation.

  • Increased productivity: because with such a diverse workforce all these new ideas and minds coming together bring about more solutions and better decision making.

  • Retention: refugees have a higher retention rate due to their resilience, adaptability and drive to succeed which saves you cost

  • Reputation: clients are increasingly attracted to businesses with strong corporate social responsibility credentials.

  • Multi-talented:  many refugees have overcome significant adversity and developed an adaptability beneficial for a range of roles

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: integrating refugees into our workforce builds social cohesion and enriches the economy, conditions that are both good for business.

  • Making a difference in somebody’s life and helping them secure a future.


As we are committed to our values, we've brought on our very own Displaced Talent, from Syria who has now come to the UK with her family and has become an invaluable part of our team! Joining us as the Displaced Talent Ambassador, with first-hand experience of the struggles of being displaced and with her unique insight she is able to help companies like yours change the lives of others as well!

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