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We provide a full range of CSR Services, Support with 106 agreements and Employment Skills Plans.


Our Employment and Skills Plan drafting and delivery service ensures that our client’s obligations within a S106 Agreement are achieved on time and to the satisfaction of the Local Authority.  We can engage with the whole project team including sub-contractors and consultants to ensure maximum delivery against agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  We then create a detailed, bespoke agreement to align with local authority and developer obligations.  We would look to recommend strategies that maximise opportunities to meet and exceed agreed targets.


Brief Summary of our Services


  • Hosting the initial meeting with the Local Authority to discuss the Employment & Skills obligations

  • Preparing an Employment & Skills Plan to be reviewed by the client and Local Authority

  • Work Experience Placements

  • Delivering career or construction based workshops

  • School and Community Engagement

  • Sourcing local applicants

  • Delivering and recording training

  • Apprenticeships / Graduates / Early Careers

  • Preparing Case Studies on a site-specific basis and promote

  • Record and manage the Data reporting back on a monthly, quarterly basis.


 Layered on top of these key areas we also support companies in recruiting and engaging applicants who face any sort of barrier in securing employment and training:

  • Neurodiverse

  • Mental Health

  • Disabilities

  • Refugees

  • Ex Services Leavers

  • Ex-Offenders

  • Women in Construction

  • Care Leavers

  • NEET

  • Long Term Unemployed

  • Domestic Abuse

Collectively, we have over 50 years experience working in Early Careers and the CSR space. We deliver quality over quantity and treat all candidates on an individual basis - we fit them to the job rather than the other way round to help you retain your employees for the long haul.

We have a range of services available to support your CSR objectives! To explore all your options please get in touch with us at

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