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Group Social Value Director

I have worked in the Early Careers and Social Mobility space for over 20 years starting my journey as an apprentice myself for an accounting firm. I am the Social Value Director for PSR Group of Companies which includes our purpose driven business unit, PSR Build a Career, which engages with social mobility initiatives across the UK to fill skills gaps.

My passion is to support those on the fringes of society get into sustained employment to fill the ever growing skills gaps in the UK. I am proud to have worked with cohorts such as Displaced (refugee) candidates, Care Leavers, Homeless candidates, the Ex-forces community, Domestic Abuse Survivors, Apprentices, Graduates, amongst many others.
The mantra I live by is… ‘putting a smile on someone else’s face is the best feeling in the world’. 



Senior Social Value Executive

As a former sports professional I am competitive by nature but also believe strongly in people and team ethics. Helping others and respecting all individuals is paramount to me and is in my DNA. I have from a young age been taught to be very disciplined and this came through football which I still enjoy. Having a sweet tooth is a trait I have, and I am partial to Cheesecake and wine gums, so these gifts are always welcome when we meet.

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My background is primarily in apprenticeships and training having been an assessor and a centre Manager, I have worked with organisations that look to develop and improve their talent pool and upskill both apprentices and their existing workforce.
I have a passion for all things social value, which includes Sustainability, and I am responsible for many aspects at PSR the Bridge the gap Program which is working with prisoners currently serving (ROTL) Release on Temporary Licence and Ex -offenders this involves working with the MOJ and the prisons both male and female estates and assisting in the rehabilitation whilst obtaining them meaningful employment opportunities.  I also work with Care leavers, Apprentices, Graduates and enjoy my role in playing a part in an individual’s journey.

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Group Development Director

My role as Group Development Director is to provide leadership and support to the strategic endeavours of the PSR brand.

My primary focus is securing preferred supplier lists, business performance, management information and new business. Master vendor clients and large recruitment projects also fall under my remit with a team of account managers at my disposal to provide this service.

My role within the 'Build a Career' programme is to bridge the gap between Abdul, his team and the wider business and use my expertise to help spearhead this fantastic initiative.


Group Marketing Manager

Joining the PSR Group back in 2015, I have been tasked with developing the PSR brand and each of its endeavours to further its offering to the Construction industry.


Having a genuine passion for people, business and a borderline obsession for innovative technology, I continually look for new ways of engaging with our customers and streamlining the recruitment process to benefit all parties.

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Starting my career through Apprenticeship schemes myself, I know the value they can add in offering on-the-job learning while giving real life practical experience within a working environment. With this, I head up the marketing for the 'Build a Career' programme and spread the word on not just how it can benefit the candidate's life, but also the businesses that support them through nurturing the future generation of he industry.



Displaced Talent Ambassador

My role as the Displaced Talent Ambassador at Build A Career is to represent and support the social mobility program where we connect skilled refugees to UK opportunities to fill in the skills shortage gap at a time where the global economy is suffering a shortage of workers. However, this initiative is not only about filling roles but it’s also about helping talented individuals gain their lives back, their dignity and the chance to start over.

As a person who has escaped a civil war, I aspire to create a better future and talent pool for organisations across all industries where they can hire more inclusively and also achieve CSR KPIs.  I work with employers and businesses to support refugees and other displaced people access skilled employment and legal migration pathways to the UK.  As a member of the Advisory Board for the Displaced Talent Mobility Pilot I have in-depth understanding of what it means to be displaced and look to pioneer labour mobility as a complementary solution to the traditional humanitarian resettlement.  


Social Value Executive

I joined Build A Career as Social Value Executive for London and the South after nearly 12 years in Further Education, working in both the private and public sector, where I originally started as an apprentice before progressing into management. My role at PSR will be to support and manage employers Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) on their behalf to ensure contractual requirements are met, while also linking this with their recruitment strategy to maximise output for the business.

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I am a focused person who can connect the dots and think outside the box, I am a good listener and love helping people realise their potential and achieve their goals. having said this, I do enjoy a good laugh along the way so apologies now for any dad jokes. Outside of BAC you will find me spending time with my family or on the golf course.


Sarah Jones

Business Development Director

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